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Learning and working cooperation platform ILIAS

ILIAS is the central learning and working cooperation platform of the Universität Stuttgart.
[Picture: ILIAS open source e-Learning e.V.]

Scope of functions

  • Provision of materials, mainly in closed, course-related courses
  • Integration with C@MPUS via the C@MPUS-ILIAS interface
  • Category-based magazine for managing courses, groups and content
  • Integrated authoring tools for creating learning modules
  • Online tests for self-assessments, exercises for submissions, surveys
  • Integration with Opencast (lecture capture)
  • Interactive elements such as live voting (clicker system), interactive videos
  • Elements such as discussion forums, virtual classrooms, an internal messaging system and a chat for exchange between students and teachers
  • Group rooms, wikis, etherpads (shared, simultaneous text editing) for document exchange and collaborative content creation
  • Support of student learning groups through an own student area
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