TIK - Technical Information and Communication Services

What to do when you encounter IT-problems.

Our Support-Structures

For every service we offer, we also offer support. In order to help you as quickly as possible, please proceed the following way:

You can find instructions and FAQs (frequently asked questions) for every single service. Please first find out whether your question can be solved with this support-material. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for there, you can write to the provided email-address. The email-addresses provided on the pages of the single services are the correct contact-address for that specific service only. For general requests employees and students can find help at the user helpdesk. Alternatively, you can use our IT-fault-report-form


Support for the Workplaces of the Central Administration

Employees whose hardware and applications are provided by the Central Administrative Service Department (ZVD), please contact the IT-workplace-support (also see box below). You can recognize those devices by a yellow or white sticker with the ID pcXXXX or pcXXXXnb, mcXXXX ot mcXXXXnb. 

Overview of our Support-Structures

For more information, documentation, FAQs and support-addresses please choose the appropriate services from the boxes below. You cannot find what you are looking for? Please refer to our list of all services. 

List of all Services

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