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TIK – Technical Services for Information and Communication

Here you can find manuals for our services A-Z at a glance.

All TIK service manuals A to Z

SAP® Applications Support

We take care of the technical operation and in parts the application support of SAP and support the finance department in all technical questions concerning SAP.

Daten­reposi­torium (DaRUS)

DaRUS is the place to archive, share and publish the research data, scripts and codes of the members and partners of the University of Stuttgart.

Back-up Service

Institutes and facilities of the University of Stuttgart have the possibility to centrally back up data from their server and workstation computers.

Print & Scan Services

The printing and plotting service of the Universität Stuttgart operates a variety of devices for the output of documents, graphics, plans, posters and more.


Members of the Universität Stuttgart are automatically assigned their own e-mail address. In addition to the regular accounts, functional addresses can also be requested.

File Service

Facilities and institutes of the Universität Stuttgart can store data on the servers of the TIK. Access is via the CIFS (SMB) protocol and, on request, NFS.

Identity Management (SIAM)

Via the central identity management all members and affiliates of the Universität Stuttgart receive a uniform, personal and university-wide user account to which the access authorizations to the IT services of the university are bound.

ARENA2036 IT-Support

The TIK supports ARENA2036 by planning, providing and supporting IT resources.

Learning Management System ILIAS

ILIAS is the central learning and working cooperation platform of the Universität Stuttgart.


With the central mailrelay service we protect your e-mail traffic from viruses and spam.

Online Survey

Members of the University of Stuttgart have the possibility to create and evaluate computer­based surveys for teaching and research purposes.

Scan Exams

Lecturers at the Universität Stuttgart have the opportunity to evaluate their examinations and exams with the help of computers.

Server Certificates

Certificates for servers in the institutions and facilities of the Universität Stuttgart can be applied for via the web interface of DFN.

Lecture Capture (Opencast)

Members of the Universität Stuttgart have the opportunity to record their events in the lecture hall or from home and make them available online to participants.

Video conferences

Members of the University of Stuttgart can hold video conferences using Cisco Webex. Furthermore, they can use the DFNconf service and the video conference room of the University Library.


All employees of the University of Stuttgart are provided with antivirus software free of charge for the secure operation of work computers and servers.

Virtual Programming Laboratory (ViPLab)

The virtual programming lab ViPLab is a browser-based programming environment in ILIAS which enables the execution of programming tasks in online tests.


Members of the University of Stuttgart receive secure access to the university network from anywhere via a VPN client.

Web Hosting (OpenCms)

The TIK offers OpenCms to institutions of the University of Stuttgart as a content management system for the design of their websites.

Wi-Fi (eduroam)

Members of all universities participating in the Educational Roaming (eduroam) initiative receive free WLAN at the University of Stuttgart.

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