TIK – Technical Information and Communication Services

A portrait of the TIK departments.

Organization Chart

The Technical Information and Communication Services (TIK) are part of the Information and Communication Centre of the University of Stuttgart (IZUS).


Media department (NFL)

The media department operates web servers and web applications for the university's web presence, e-learning and e-science. The printing and plotting service is affiliated as well. The department is involved in various digitization projects and activities of the university, Baden-Württemberg and beyond.

Server and Workstation Systems department (SAS)

The key comptenece and tasks of the SAS department (abbreviation from the German "Server- und Arbeitsplatzsysteme") is the provisioning of the users (organization members of the University of Stuttgart) with the compute and storage infrastructure, consisting of the following major units:

  • a Data Center with diverse storage systems (with the total size of currently approx. 15 Petabyte), as well as
  • a Virtual Computing Environment with heterogenous, cloud-based Servers (CPU/GPU hybrid system).

Team Abteilung "Server- und Arbeitsplatzsysteme" (SAS)

Division Networks and Communication Systems (NKS)

The division Networks and Communication Systems (NKS) operates this Communication network of the University of Stuttgart with over 50.000 connections in 140 buildings. There is also WLAN and VPN access as well as the central network transitions to the Internet. Firewalls protect this basic infrastructure, which is used for research, teaching and administration as well as for infrastructure and special tasks such as building control technology. The communication systems include the central e-mail and groupware platform (Microsoft Exchange), the telephone system with over 8,000 extensions and video conferences in special conference rooms or with software clients on the PC. The Identity management (SIAM), which mediates between the personnel and student administration systems of the central administration and the IT services of the IZUS / TIK and other operators and automatically creates new user accounts for employees and students and assigns access rights, is also located in the NKS department. We regularly take part in research and development projects and - in cooperation with institutes at our university - also offer student work to further expand these services and infrastructures and to keep them always up to date. 

Central administrative services department (ZVD)

The Central Administrative Services Department (ZVD) provides the Rectorate, Central Administration, the Language Centre and the Centre for Teaching and Further Education with comprehensive IT workplace support. It is our declared goal to offer this complete service to other institutions of the university in the future. For decentrally managed workstations and printers we already offer the possibility to integrate them into the central directory service and to benefit from a central file service and a virus protection solution. In addition to the classic workstation computers, we dealt with desktop and application virtualization and, based on this, operate PC-pools for students and institutes as well as a teleworking solution for central administration. For the specialist applications of the central administration as well as university-wide systems such as SAP, C@MPUS and FIS we provide  IT basic and application support  in close cooperation with the competence centre for IT applications and projects (ITAP). As part of the digital transformation, we support the university in cooperation with ITAP in selecting, introducing and continuously developing applications and business processes.

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