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WLAN, LAN, VPN – We provide you with Access to the Internet.

Access to the Internet: Our Services

University Network and Internet Access

Without functioning internet we all would not be able to work. The TIK ensures that you can access the internet in your office and on campus. We provide wireless and wired access to the university network and the internet. On campus you can choose between a free access wireless LAN and the eduroam-network. For conferences, you can apply for access to the conference-wireless-LAN. If you need to access the university network from outside of the campus, please use our VPN-system.

We are happy to consult with institutes on the configuration of their data network, the laboratory LAN, the planning of IP-addresses and further network-related services, including, of course, IT-safety through firewalls.

Expansion and Operation of the University Network

The operation and expansion of the network, including the actual cables as well as the WLAN-access-points, belongs to our most substantial routine jobs. However, we consider our mission to not only conserve the existing, but also to design the future network: We were among the first universities to introduce IPv6 and we are involved in research projects on identity management and the campus-network of the future. 

Overview of our Services Providing Internet-Access

For more information, documentation, FAQs and support-addresses please choose the appropriate services from the boxes below. You cannot find what you are looking for? Please refer to our list of all services. 

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