Service for employees , students

Wi-Fi (eduroam)

Members of all universities participating in the Educational Roaming (eduroam) initiative receive free WLAN at the University of Stuttgart.

Scope of functions

  • Internet access within the university's eduroam network
  • International: Internet access within the eduroam network of all participating universities
  • Access to the university network without VPN on campus
    (limited functions)
  • Automatic configurator (cat.eduroam.org)
  • Printing via eduroam

ATTENTION: Please use the provided automatic configurator  to setup eduroam. An incorrectly performed manual configuration can cause serious security problems!

Frequently asked questions

The most common causes of errors are:

  • The user name was entered incorrectly during logon. Please enter the username in long form:
    • st123456@stud.uni-stuttgart.de for students
    • ac123456@uni-stuttgart.de for employees
    • gs123456@uni-stuttgart.de for guests
  • The password was entered incorrectly. Otherwise, check whether you can log in to SIAM with your password.
  • An old/incorrectly configured profile was not removed. Please refer to the instructions for removing already installed profiles.
  • Your terminal device is trying to dial into an incorrectly configured network. Please follow the instructions for removing incorrectly configured eduroam networks.
  • Workstations of central office employees: Your workstation must be in the university network for updating. In case of problems please contact the ZVD.

If you still have problems, please visit the user support.

A possible error is that the user name of your PC contains a space. In this case try to install eduroam manually or ask the user support.

Experienced users can also try the following command from the command line:

netsh wlan add profile "C:\Users\xxxxxxxx\AppData\Local\Temp\wlan-profile.xml

Yes, if you are a member of a university that is a partner of the eduroam project and you have a valid account. Please pay attention to announcements of your home organization in the context of the WLAN conversion.

Access for guests is not possible without further notice:

  • Conference guests can get access to the conference WLAN for a limited time
  • Guest lecturers and guest students without eduroam access please contact their host institute

Guests are requested to contact their host institute/facility if they have any questions about their Internet access. Please follow the instructions for setting up eduroam for employees (eduroam CAT profile: employees). Enter the login data in the following form:

  • Username: gs******@uni-stuttgart.de
  • Password: Your personal password

Since the SSID "belwue" is broadcast without encryption, but does not provide Internet access, but only VPN access, it now seems to confuse more than help. For this reason, the "belwue" service will be discontinued from 1.2.2020.

If you are dependent on the use of "belwue", please contact our support team so that an appropriate alternative can be discussed with you.

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