Service forms

TIK – Technical Information and Communication Services

Here you can find forms for our services A-Z at a glance.


Cloud service for members of the universities and colleges in Baden-Württemberg.


Cloud storage service for members of Baden-Württemberg's universities and colleges.

Backup Service

Institutes and facilities of the University of Stuttgart have the possibility to centrally store backup data from their server and workstation computers.

Print & Scan Services

The printing and plotting service of the Universität Stuttgart operates a variety of devices for the output of documents, graphics, plans, posters and more.


Members of the Universität Stuttgart are automatically assigned their own e-mail address. In addition to the regular accounts, functional addresses can also be requested.

File Service

Facilities and institutes of the Universität Stuttgart can store data on the servers of the TIK. Access is via the CIFS (SMB) protocol and, on request, NFS.

Desktop Management (Teleworking)

The TIK provides the virtual desktop infrastructure and the necessary hardware and software for the tele working central administration.

Lecture Capture (Opencast)

Members of the Universität Stuttgart have the opportunity to record their events in the lecture hall or from home and make them available online to participants.

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