Conference Services

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Conference Services

For conferences and other events, participants without eduroam identification will receive wireless Internet access via the conference WLAN.

Scope of functions

  • WLAN network "conference
  • Available everywhere on campus parallel to eduroam
  • Password protected access
  • Event duration-limited validity of passwords

Please apply for access to the conference WLAN at least one week before the conference starts.

Frequently asked questions

  • SSH (22/TCP)
  • HTTP (80/TCP)
  • HTTPS (443/TCP)
  • IMAPS (993/TCP)
  • POP3S (995/TCP)
  • HTTP-ALT (8080/TCP)
  • SMTPS (465/TCP)
  • Submission (567/TCP)
  • VPN und Tunnelprotokolle wie OpenVPN, IP-SEC, ...
  • TIK Dienste wie DNS, DHCP, NTP,...
  • Alles anderen Verbindungen werden nicht zugelassen
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