Service for employees and students

LAN (wired network access)

The Universität Stuttgart provides you with wired access to the university network and Internet on campus and at your workplace.

Scope of functions

You will receive wired access to the university network and the Internet via:

  • Your own connections at your workplace
  • Network sockets in the rooms of the university (StudPlug)

We advise facilities and institutes regarding:

  • data network equipment
  • Laboratory/device LAN
  • IP address planning
  • Network-related services (NTP/DNS)
  • Firewall

More information


Network sockets for wired Internet are available in the public areas of the university. These sockets can be used for end devices without WLAN or in areas with poor WLAN reception to go online.

Please note:

  • A VPN client must be set up on your terminal device
  • To get internet, you need to connect to the university network via VPN
  • You need your own network cable

Guest Lecturer House

The guest lecturer house is connected to the network of the University of Stuttgart. It provides access to the university's institutions and the Internet. For this purpose, each accommodation unit is equipped with a network connection. This can be connected to any network card using a standard network cable.

Residents of the Guest Lecturers' House who are members or guests of the University are requested to arrange access to University network services through the network representative of their institute. In particular, e-mail addresses can be requested there.

You can access internal services of the university via VPN.

The use of the internet access is free of charge. The guidelines for using the LAN of the University of Stuttgart and the Internet can be found in the User Regulations for Digital Information Processing and Communication Equipment (IuK) at the University of Stuttgart.

Student Residences

The student dormitories of the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart at the Vaihingen campus and at several locations in the city center are networked independently by the students.

The student dormitories Allmandring I to III (Vaihingen), Pfaffenhof I and II (Vaihingen), Straussäcker I to III (Vaihingen), Heilmannstraße (Stadtmitte), Max-Kade-Heim (Stadtmitte) and Theodor-Heuss-Heim (Stadtmitte) are managed by the Student Association Selfnet e.V.. Inquiries regarding the dormitory network should be made to the support of Selfnet directly.

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