Service for employees and students


Members of the University of Stuttgart gain secure access to the university network from anywhere via a VPN client.

Important notice

As VPN server you can optionally use:


On the connection is routed through a stateful firewall (and allows UDP traffic towards the Internet).
This can be advantageous for videoconferences.
The server may not handle special characters in the password correctly when used in conjunction with the Cisco Secure Client. Please use either the OpenConnect Client or limit the password to special characters in ISO-8859-1 (Latin-1) format (e.g. §, µ, ä, ü, ö...). A login to is still possible.

Scope of functions

With the Cisco Secure Client you get

  • Access to the university network from anywhere
  • Wired Internet in public StudPlug
  • Mail retrieval and mail dispatch
  • Access on Uni computer
  • Access to online material of the University Library

Frequently asked questions

The University of Stuttgart currently recommends the "Cisco Secure Client", which can be downloaded from Enter the login data in the following form:

  • Employees
    • Username: ac******
    • Password: Your personal password
  • Students
    • Username: st******
    • Password: Your personal password




 The address you need to enter in the client is this one:



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