bw Sync&Share

Service for employees , students


Cloud storage service for members of Baden-Württemberg's universities and colleges.
[Picture: KIT - Karlsruhe Institute of Technology]

Scope of functions

The online storage service bwSync&Share is an alternative to cloud services like Dropbox or similar. With this service you can:

  • store and share data up to 50 GB
  • Synchronize data on multiple mobile devices
  • Edit documents together on the Web
  • Granting access rights to external users
  • Use client software for all operating systems and mobile devices

Frequently asked questions

In order to synchronize data with external persons and to be able to edit them together, these persons must be invited to bwSync&Share and corresponding access rights must be granted.

After receiving the invitation they can register as external users and access the authorized data and the standard functions of bwSync&Share.

Please note that external users do not receive their own storage space but share the storage space you have released.




BwSync&Share offers you the possibility to create links from single files or folders and send them to other people. To download the files released in this way, no separate account is required.

The TIK also offers you the possibility to send files of any size using the file transfer service F*EX.

Usually you have 50 GB of storage space available. If your contingent is not sufficient, please contact our support.

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