Frequently asked questions about Print & Scan Services

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Here you will find frequently asked questions and answers about printing and scanning at the Universität Stuttgart.

Welcome to the FAQ section. Here you will find all questions and answers about the services. If you have further questions, please contact our support.

Frequently Asked Questions: Printing and Scanning

Printing a black and white page on a printer in the PC pool or library costs 4 cents.

Printing a page in colour costs 8 cents, a scan of an A4 page costs 1 cent. In addition, free scanning before the user consultation is possible.

The prices of the print and plot service can be found under the following link .

The printing and plotting service is located in Universitätsstr. 32 (behind the former CampusGuest).

For customers from campus Vaihingen, delivery is not possible. You can pick up your order in Universitätsstr. 34 (former CampusGuest), next to the reception. 

For customers from campus city center delivery is possible to the desk of the university library, where you can pick up your order.

To use the print and plot service, an account must be created on this website.


Usually the printing of an order takes one day. For urgent prints, it is recommended to use the comment function, so print jobs that were submitted in the morning can often be picked up on the same day.

The times are only guidelines and depend strongly on the current job load.

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