Service for employees , students

Git Hosting

The TIK operates a local github enterprise server.

Scope of functions

The TIK provides a GitHub Education Licence to members of the university:

  • Local Github Enterprise Server
  • Local hardware within the university
  • Source code management for research, teaching and projects
  • Closed user groups
  • Connection via LDAP
  • free of charge

Frequently asked questions

Please log in with the user ID (short):

students: Login with
st-account (e.g. st123456)

Employees: Registration with
ac-account (e.g. ac123456)

Guests: Registration with
gs-account (e.g. gs123456)

Please observe the FAIR USE principle. Users who need more than 2 GB data volume, please write a mail to the support and describe the intended use.

No. Please observe the FAIR USE principle. For data storage, several services are available at the TIK/IZUS, depending on the intended use:

  • Privacy: Local hardware within the university - no cloud
  • Sensitive research or project data is available within closed user groups
  • Through LDAP connection: More efficient work for university projects


The creation of organizations is only possible through the support. Please send a mail to with the following information:

  • Account, which should be registered as initial administrator
  • Name of the organisation
    Valid characters are letters, numbers and hyphen.
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