Service for employees and students

Identity management (SIAM)

Via our central identity management all members and affiliates of the Universität Stuttgart receive a uniform, personal and university-wide user account. The access authorization to most IT services is connected to the identity management.

Scope of functions

  • Provision of user accounts and distributors to all connected target systems
  • Deactivation and deletion of user accounts when people leave the university
  • SIAM user self-service for changing passwords and user-specific settings such as primary e-mail address, library use, etc.
  • UniAdmin-Portal for decentralized administration of user accounts, role assignments and authorizations by the setup officers
  • Output of initial access data letters
  • Resetting forgotten user passwords
  • Reporting of further representatives for further services/roles to TIK
  • Applying for mailboxes
  • Management of mail groups
  • Operation of federated identity providers (e.g. Shibboleth IDP in the DFN-AAI and bwIDM)

Under the following link students and employees can find information on questions concerning user accounts, passwords and e-mails.

On the following page you will find information on Assurance levels in the Shibboleth process.

Frequently asked questions

The period of validity of all user accounts depends on the respective entry and exit dates to and from the university.

The status of your account is updated automatically

For employees:
For employees, civil servants and hiwis, the period of validity corresponds to your contract period. After the end of your contract, your account will be automatically blocked. A manual extension of the validity is not possible. If desired, a host institute can apply for a limited guest account for you after your contract period.

For students:
User accounts of students are always valid until the end of the semester. They are automatically extended by one semester upon re-registration. If there is no re-registration or de-registration, the account is automatically blocked and deleted after a grace period (currently 8 months). It is not possible to extend the validity manually.

For guests:
The period of validity of guest accounts is determined at the time of application (max. 2 years). It can be extended at the request of the host institute. The account is automatically blocked after the validity period has expired.

For employees and guests:
If you would like to know your access data, please contact your representative (the contact person) for the user administration of your institute or facility. They are authorized to print out your access data letter and hand it over to you as well as reset your password and unlock your account if necessary.

For students:
After creating an applicant account and after enrolment, students receive their access data via

The personal data comes from the personnel administration or from the student administration. In the case of persons who are both employees and students, if the spelling is different, the information in Personnel Administration takes precedence. Please contact us directly if you wish to make changes:

If you do not know this person(s), you can find out about them on the websites, in the secretariat or from the director of your institute or institution:

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