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Service for employees and students

File transfer F*EX

The File Exchange Service F*EX allows you to send and receive files of any size.

Scope of functions

With the F*EX service you can:

  • Send files of any size to any recipient
  • Sync directories
  • File and share archives
  • use the service via browser or optional clients
  • Directory synchronization is also possible:

Frequently asked questions

No. This service is only designed to send and receive files of any size. The files are deleted after the data has been retrieved or after the download period has expired.

To store, synchronize and share files for longer periods of time, please use the cloud service bwSync&Share.

Not directly. If you send files to a mailing list via F*EX, they will be deleted as soon as the first recipient has downloaded them. Thus, they are no more available for all other users. To prevent this, you have the following possibilities: 

  • Contact our support. For certain adresses, multiple downloads can be set up.
  • Use the function "fex yourself" and send the link to your mailing list. This link is suitable for multiple download. 
  • Set up a F*EX-group.

For further information please consult the FAQ page of F*EX

Sender and receiver generally have a file size limit of 10 TB. If you want to send larger files, please contact support.

External users can register with F*EX to send files to members of the university. This user group cannot send files to other external users.

Furthermore you can create a "subuser" in the settings of F*EX. This user can send you files without registering.

You can find more information on the FAQ page of F*EX.

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