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Here you will find frequently asked questions and answers about the PC pools.

Welcome to the FAQ section. Here you will find all questions and answers about the services. If you have further questions, please contact our support.

Frequently asked questions: PC-Pools

Registration at the pool computers is only possible for students of the Universität Stuttgart.

To register on the pool computers, proceed as follows:

  1. Switch on the computer
  2. Enter short student user ID (st123456)
  3. Enter corresponding password

Employees receive a special login when booking the room in order to use the computers for events.

No, it is not possible to register as a guest at the pool computers, as registration is only possible with a student account of the Universität Stuttgart.

An account for using the pool, e.g. for lectures, can be applied for by employees of the Universität Stuttgart.

A registration is only possible with a student account!

If your registration with your student account fails, first check your password by logging in with your account on one of the university websites. If the password works, try another computer in the pool. If the problem occurs again, please come to an office of the user advisory service.

Since the equipment is leased, an external company is responsible for supporting the printers. A telephone number and e-mail address can be found on each device.

If the toner is empty or if there is a major defect, the company is automatically notified and takes care of the maintenance in a timely manner.

Lost property is only accepted and managed by the lost property office of the property management. How to get there is described on the building management page.

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