Software and licenses

Service for employees and students

Software and licenses

Via the TIK, members of the Universität Stuttgart can obtain software within the scope of campus and state licenses as well as special licenses.

Scope of functions

  • Provision of free or discounted software
  • Provision of campus and state licenses

Frequently asked questions

The license servers of the Universität Stuttgart can only be accessed within the university network.
So please make sure that you are within this network. If you want to use a software from home, you can log into the campus network via VPN.

If you cannot connect to the license servers despite being connected to the campus network, it is possible that license servers have been changed or moved. You can find information about this on the Software & Licenses service page, under the respective programs.

Please try to run the program as administrator. To do so, right-click on the executable file and select "Run as administrator".

You don't need to worry - the licences of the Universität Stuttgart are renewed every year, usually at the beginning of the year. You can ignore the warning. If the warning still appears or the program no longer works, please visit the service page for software & licenses. Here you will find changes or hints if the license servers or similar have changed.

Only registered students and employees of the Universität Stuttgart are entitled to the programs and licenses.

Inquiries and requests concerning software & licenses can be made via the contact form.

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