Service for employees and students


Members of the Universität Stuttgart are automatically assigned their own e-mail address. In addition to the regular accounts, functional addresses can also be requested.

Scope of functions

  • Management of e-mails, calendar and contacts
  • Webmail access
  • Alternative access to e-mail through e-mail clients
  • Groupware functions (e.g. shared calendars)
  • Global Address Book of the Stuttgart University
  • 1 or 5 GB storage capacity
  • Protection against viruses through the central Mailrelay-Dienst

Frequently asked questions

In rare cases, the sending/receiving of e-mails via your university e-mail address is blocked by your Internet provider. You can solve this problem with a VPN to the university network or, independent of your e-mail software, you can send e-mails from the web interface of your browser.

The storage space for students is 1 GB.
The storage space for employees is 5 GB and can be increased upon informal request to the support by the representative of the institution/institute.

Der Speicherplatz für Studierende beträgt 1 GB.
Der Speicherplatz für Beschäftigte beträgt 5 GB und kann auf formlosen Antrag des Einrichtungs-/ Institutsbeauftragten an den Support vergrößert werden.

You can use the following interfaces for a mail client:

Webmail 443 SSL
POP3 995 SSL
ActiveSync 443 SSL
Exchange Web Services (EWS) 443 SSL

A mail may be 20 MB in total. If you want to send larger files, you can also use the file transfer service F*EX.

Due to compromised accounts, spam being sent via the University of Stuttgart and entries in blacklists, the limit of 1000 recipients per 24 hours and mail account applies to sending e-mails. A maximum of 500 recipients per email was set as the second limit.

The "0x80004005-0x000501" error message in Outlook may indicate that the sender has reached these limits.

If you need a larger number of destination addresses, please contact the mail support in good time.

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