DAIDALOS (Designing Advanced network Interfaces for the Delivery and Administration of Location independent, Optimised personal Services) is an integrated project of the European Commission's 6th framework. The quick emergence of new access network technologies like WiMax or DVB-x, the advancing convergence of the traditional communication channels ("Triple Play"), the wide spreading of communicating devices and recent advances in context-awareness rise new possibilities for communication systems. As in parallel the operators have to rethink their traditional business models of mainly selling transport capacity, new paradigms can and also must fertilise the communication platforms in order to a) support the users as well as 3rd party service providers best in their needs and b) to assure the operator's benefit over a mid-term perspective. Therefore, Daidalos integrates first of all a broad range of access technologies by a convergent pure IP based approach. In order to provide for a short time to market of new services, the communication platform will be extended to the service layer by closely interconnecting the service and the communication layers and by providing several enablers to be used by consumer services. This platform is to support pervasive services, which will most likely be the future of services by their improved user experience. For this, one emphasis is the management of context information of both, the users and the system itself, which bears inherent privacy problems. Daidalos considers privacy as well as security from the outset in order to yield a viable system to be acceptable by every stakeholder: users, 3rd party service providers and operators. 

More Information athttp://www.ist-daidalos.org/