Moby Dick

MobyDick is a European Union (EU) project in the 5th Framework of the IST Program. It is funded for the Swiss partner ETH Zürich, TIK by the Bundesamt für Bildung und Wissenschaft (BBW) in Bern, Switzerland. The official project identification is IST-2000-25304 for the EU and 00.0275 for the BBW.

In order to continue to evolve 3rd Generation mobile and wireless infrastructure towards the Internet - targeting IST 2000 key action line IV 5.2 "Terrestrial Wireless System and Networks"-, the project Moby Dick will define, implement, and evaluate an IPv6-based mobility-enabled end-to-end QoS architecture starting from the current IETF's QoS models, Mobile-IPv6, and AAA framework. A representative set of interactive and distributed multimedia applications will serve to derive system requirements for the verification, validation, and demonstration of the Moby Dick architecture in a testbed comprising UMTS, 802.11 Wireless LANs, and Ethernet. In case the existing applications or the underlying architectures do not provide what is required, the necessary modification will be undertaken.

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