SWIFT: Secure Widespread Identities for Federated Telecommunications. SWIFT is a European Union funded project of the 7th Framework Programme. The project leverages identity technology as a key to integrate service and transport infrastructures for the benefit of users and the providers. It focuses on extending identity functions and federation to the network while addressing usability and privacy concerns.

The problem, SWIFT addresses, is that Identity Management (IdM) solutions today are still limited in scope, mainly covering applications and web services. Users need ubiquitous access to the digital world. Access should be privacy enabled and simple with a minimum number of separate service contracts. Providers need to simplify the multiple IDs and authentication methods needed today, while improving their business potential.

To handle the Identity Management challenge, SWIFT focuses on the following six objectives:

  • Address identity privacy between services at the same layer (horizontal approach) as well as across layers (vertical approach)
  • Enable business dynamics allowing fast entry of new players in the field and growing of the existing players’ business
  • Develop Identity as a key enabling technology for convergence between players and services
  • Enable user control over data and support transparency across networks and services
  • Optimize and integrate user, service and network-centric aspects of Identity Management
  • Develop Identity Oriented Services

More Information at http://www.ist-swift.org