A VPN connection can be used to connect from outside the campus into the network of the university or for using StudPlug on the campus.



For using WLAN/WiFi on the campus, please connect to the eduroam network.



Handouts with introduction for the various operating systems can be found here.

Problems with the Cisco Anyconnect client

  • General problems 
    • Problem : Unsuccessful auto-installation.
      Solution : Download and install manually.

    • Problem : The VPN-server is missing during the manual setup.
      Solution : Enter “vpn.rus.uni-stuttgart.de” in the field “Server”.
  • Windows 7
    • Problem : Cisco Anyconnect won't start anymore.
      Solution : Check your firewall. TAP adapter on your network devices should be activated. If the problem persists, deinstall/reinstall.

    • Problem : „The VPN client agent was unable to create the interprocess communication depot.“
      Solution : Make sure network sharing is deactivated.

    • Problem : The client doesn’t work or is working poorly with Kaspersky AntiVirus.
      Solution : The only known solution so far is uninstalling Kaspersky AntiVirus.